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The Internet has redesigned our reality and practically the entirety of our specific individual lives, from having the entirety of the world’s data readily available to prompt correspondence with anyone, any place. For the last mentioned, WhatsApp fills in as the most popular prompt informing application, with over a billion everyday clients.

Whatsapp Amazing New Feature:

As a free literary substance informing and media sharing assistance, WhatsApp has rather a great deal to flexibly. Be that as it may, it’s in any case lacking genuinely only a couple of alternatives. That is the reason altered APK’s are so in style among clients and developers.

GBWhatsApp Pro 8.60

Among the different needed augmentations to WhatsApp execution is the ability to utilize two records immediately, frequently yield results for the outsider, and inconsistent and memory-hoarding cloning applications. GBWhatsApp Pro is a non-official application to unwind the issue in any case.

By using GBWA Pro 8.60 directly to allow for 2 clients on the indistinguishable cellphone, GBWhatsApp Pro 8.60 gives all the points of interest anyway not one of the space for putting away and RAM-related disadvantages of application cloners. This outsider application allows the individual to profit by one of a kind alternatives not open any place else, much the same as talk topics, covered up learn receipts, application locks, multi-client execution, and extra.

GBWhatsApp Pro 8.60 | Top Features

With GBWhatsApp Pro 8.60 in your Android device, The accompanying choices will likely be open. This received’t be found on standard WhatsApp circumstances, so they value concentrating going to get a handle on what they give.


Subjects had been incorporated inside the GBWA APK, and they’re currently one of the numerous mod’s most prominent choices. They let you change your application structure each time you like, the same number of occasions as you need. A few subjects are as of now open, and the engineer is including extra every now and again.

Privacy Options:

GBWhatsApp Pro 8.60 comprises further privateness settings that aren’t available inside the authority application. These let you mask/present your on-line standing, camouflage/present blue ticks, and hide/present twofold ticks, composing standing, etc.

App Lock:

The application lock implies that you can require a Pattern, PIN, Password, or Fingerprint to enter the application and passage your messages. This gives a layer of wellbeing and holds your messages concealed even from people who have section to your cellphone. PIN and Password could be demonstrated while you kind them on the off chance that you need.

GBWhatsApp Pro 8.60 Additional Features

Media Sharing: With WhatsApp, you may share a wide range of media, from desk work to photos to GIFs and films. In any case, you’ve stopped at a similarly little record estimation for this media switch. With GBWhatsApp Pro 8.60, this confinement is raised to 700MB, a significant improvement for issues like sharing protracted motion pictures.

Full Resolution Image Sharing:

While the image pressure that WhatsApp performs could make sending pictures a tad sooner, the following excellent is kind of poor, especially on the off chance that you wish to utilize the photos you transport on various internet based life. GBWhatsApp Pro allows for full-goals picture sharing. No extra grainy or pixelated photos!

Download GBWhatsApp Pro 8.60 On Your Android Mobile phones:

Downloading GBWhatsApp Pro and placing it in your Android contraption. In spite of the fact that the application is inaccessible on Google Play Store, So it is prudent to acquire it from the field under.

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