Here is a trick to convert your 2G and 3G data into 4G (LTE) internet speed on your Android Smartphone and access high-speed 4G browsing.

On the off chance that you are searching for a stunt to get to 4G speed on your 2G or 3G information pack then today I am going to disclose to you a stunt for the equivalent. Hypothetically, it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to change over 2G or 3G into 3G perusing speed however the accompanying stunts may make your fantasy work out as expected.



  • android gadget with 4G similarity
  • Your gadget ought to be established
  • SIM card with 4G administrations accessible in your circle
  • Battery in any event 40 %


How to Convert 2G or 3G Data in 4G Speed ?

  1. Download the three records

2. Open 3G/4G Speed Optimiser App.

3. Select max speed arrange speed as 12/28/7

4. Mind Down Speed Increase

5. Presently apply the progressions by tapping on apply change

6. Open Script Manager App

7. Peruse to the downloaded Turbo Script file.txt

8. Give root consents or snap on root symbol and award Super client authorizations.

9. Run the content and sit tight for some time.

10. Look up and search for alternatives quick, quicker or quickest. Select Fastest.

11. Reboot your gadget.

Ensure you made LTE or 4G as system mode in your settings. Open Setting > More > Cellular system/portable systems > Network Mode/Preferred Network > 4G/LTE.


This post is just for instructive reason we don’t support any of the application or document.

We can’t affirm that this stunt will work for all gadgets and every portable system. Remark beneath for any help and question. Assist us with improving this post by remarking beneath.

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